Memory to Match / the Dork

by Tyler & the Streeters

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These songs were slated for a release on vinyl in late 2017/early 2018 but due to a few mishaps, the old recordings were scrapped, and this is them rerecorded.


released November 28, 2018

Recorded by Ricky at Science of Sound in Madison, WI

Lyrics by: Tyler Streeter
The Streeters on this track are the amazing:
Andy McNamara, Renee Millard, Taylor Greenwood, Jake Crowe


all rights reserved



Tyler & the Streeters Wisconsin

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Track Name: Memory To Match
I want you again in my arms
Not counting minutes, counting days, counting years
I know he broke your heart
And you cried your share of tears

But I have to keep in mind, you're taking your time
I'm sorry that anyone ever made you blue
Arcades to the side, pizza to the back of the line
I'm falling for you

If I could hold your hand
And whisper sweet nothings in your ear
Singing Spice Girls in the back of the van
John Cale, bourbon, and cheers

I have seen a side, of me I don't want to hide
A budding friendship, maybe a romance to bloom
No peaking under the glass, the phone, the mullet to catch
If we combine our cards, I'd think we'd have a perfect match
I'll throw in a "mama" just to be kind
Bob Dylan was right, this whole time
You've been on my mind
Track Name: the Dork
My words, get tongue twisted
My eyes, couldn't have missed it
My nerves put me in a whirl, I'm a dork in front of this girl
My mouth drops, lips are so heavy
My hands, are sweaty and clammy
I'm tough as you can see
A bodybuilder of love, that's me

Will you, promise to slow dance with me under the stars
Cuz' I, promise to slow dance with you under the stars
If your phone alarm, happens to go off because you've gotta work
I'll take ya home, baby, cuz I'm not a big fat jerk

Oh i, can't wait to see you
Your smile, makes me smile
A delight to have you around
You're a delight to be around

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