Пустота в моєму серці

by Tyler & the Streeters

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Songs sung in the key of heartbreak



7/19/19 - Appleton, WI @ Fox River House

7/20/19 - Minneapolis, MN @ Eagles #34 / Shadewald Hall
(M.T. Foyer, Brian Whitson & the Night Wolves)

7/26/19 - Oshkosh Main St. Music Festival
Barley and Hops outdoor stage 6pm

8/2/19 - Mile Of Music Festival


released January 28, 2019

Photography by Mateja Hrvačić (Eya Photography)

Andy McNamara - bass, backing vocals
Jake Crowe - clarinet, saxophone, piano, backing vocals, banjo, mandolin
Renee Millard - trumpet, trombone, backing vocals, musical saw
Taylor Greenwood - drums, glockenspiel, percussion, backing vocals
Michael Sienkowski - mellotron
Julia Blair - violin
Ryley Crowe - steel guitar, backing vocals, sleigh bells, organ
Tyler Streeter - guitar, vocals, other odds n' ends

Recorded by Ricky at Science of Sound in Madison, WI
Except "Blue", recorded by Tyler Streeter in Almond, WI
Additional layering done by Ryley Crowe at the Refuge in Appleton, WI
All songs written by Tyler Streeter
Music by Tyler and the Streeters


all rights reserved



Tyler & the Streeters Wisconsin

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Track Name: Real Slow
maybe when the dog days are over
you could say that you are mine
everything hurts like a mother fucker
but i know its best if we take some time

that doesnt mean i dont want to stop you in the street
just to kiss you
that doesnt mean i dont lie awake every night
and miss you
sadness burns the heart real slow
i dont wanna let you go

i could go back many days
when i knew i was wrong
things that have led me here
have led you gone

bottle of wine's been open
the letters were all read
i'm just sitting here thinking
what happened to my best friend
Track Name: Tonight, Every Night
youve got that loving touch
i wanna hold you so much
would it be fine, tonight, every night

the weeping willows now have a smile
a drop of rain not seen for miles
black cats who cross my path
now i'm not afraid of getting scratched

the chills running down my spine
i want you for mine
tell me i'm yours
tonight, every night
Track Name: Worn
too much of society
turned fake commodity
into a hole, that cant be drained
our lessons learned you see
and our bridges burned to a degree
that cant be tamed

this old house
used to thrive, but now is quiet as a mouse
the crooks got their way
and now we're slaving towards a trade

and when we go out
long after it pours
our shoes will be muddy
and our soul is worn
Track Name: Heaven Knows Morrissey Is Miserable Now
you dont call me your baby anymore
you dont say youll miss me when i walk out the door
i know you cried, my love, i know youve tried
i'm out on parole, communication's my crime

i miss your sweet kiss, your touch, and your heart
the smell of your perfume, picnics in the park
ever since you left, girl my life's been so damned
better than yesterday, if i'm gonna be your man
Track Name: Banquet Hall
the banquet hall was full
of everyone you wanted to include
here on your special day
and everyone takes a turn to
congratulate a bright future set to be
except when i was yours so was he

i wondered what i did
i didnt know that i could hate myself for this
heavy cloud hovering over me
and everywhere i turned
there came advice, but not advice i cared to hear
its been so long since you woke up next to me

the ghosts of my past, they've caught up to me
i dont hate you for turning back because now youre home
though i wished you stayed, love caused them demons to go away
but now they're back, coming for their own
Track Name: Blue
Echoes here on my doorstep
It's the same old thing that i've heard before
Sometimes it rains down like ecstasy
But the hurt is still wanting to be sore

Caught in the middle of a daydream
Songs resonate in my head
Jumping fences on 11th Street
Into backyards where innocence will end

Do you wanna get to know me
Cuz' I will only let you down

Time breathes like a wildfire
At the cost, what is to be gained
Missed opportunities go up in smoke
And the smell of it wreaks in vain

In and out of the trailer park
The mountain of tires left it's wake
Memories of unanswered telephone calls
From friends and family who were away

Blue and soft spoken
And I feel the loneliness is what I deserve
Track Name: Paint The Walls
when will i get rest
from this feeling, that i've come to expect
the lapse of being in love now feels so meaningless
i paint the walls of this body, that has become so black
the person you once knew is not ever coming back

you carry on with or without your guilt
and i'll try to find comfort at the end of the road
you take your job, you take your new life
you take it all but wont you take my heart
i dont want it beating for me anymore
Track Name: Diamond Grove
made a pass through diamond grove
where the treeline meets the vacant road
no one speaks up your name, no one's home
visit your room with hathaway
oh dont mind the paint, chipping away
iron fist, the secret kiss, a bed for you to stay
everyone is welcome here
they can even make you disappear

nervous twitch, the orderly slapped my hand
i will never forget where to stand
arrived with a problem, got a hundred more
aching for release, but release wont come
i'll just take a nap in my sweet, cold, diamond grove
Track Name: My Love
do you remember
the first time that we kissed
all the pictures we didnt take
because we didn't want to miss the
magic moment (like right now)
this magic moment
i have so many great memories
of our love, it has planted these seeds
my love

lessoned learned when you take in all that old heartache
we bundled it up and sent it on it's way
you know its true (i do)
my love
Track Name: Cool, Hip & Trendy
Honey, youre cool, hip and trendy
even though ive seen another side of you
the ugly fights, the sleepless nights
the blaring radio in the car as we sang out of tune
i'll take the good with the bad as long as i still have this loving beating heart
and i'll kiss you and hug you and want you and need you and crawl back to the start, just to do it again
cuz' we really have a connection, like those matches made strictly in heaven
but heaven nor a hell, i dont want it well, cuz' i cant see it, and believe in it, like i believe in you
Track Name: the Dork
my words get tongue twisted
my eyes couldnt have missed it
my nerves put me in a whirl
i'm a dork in front of this girl
my mouth drops, lips are so heavy
my hands are sweaty and clammy
i'm tough as you can see
a bodybuilder of love thats me

will you promise to slow dance with me under the stars
cuz i promise to slow dance with you under the stars
if your phone alarm happens to go off cuz' you gotta work
i'll take ya home, baby, cuz' i'm not a big fat jerk
oh i, cant wait to see you
your smile, makes me smile
a delight to have you around
you're a delight to be around
Track Name: Two Kids Against The World
leather licks and the bruising shows
$1.17 in the pockets, of which they are froze
in the chest out on the floor
music box will sing no more
and i wonder where those scars came from
is the attention misleading
when you compare your misfortune to another one
when you look in the mirror, do you remember when you were beautiful

children's toys are thrown away
theyve resorted to going outside and playing pretend for another day
grass stains on their pants, reminds me of how i used to dance
milk and cookies left for santa
makes me fantasize of when someone cared for me
at least one day of the year
smell of whiskey on my jacket
the sounds of soothing things, strumming these strings

broken parts are being mended together this year
we'll pull over on some random road, dance and sing
no one can hear but you and me
can i call you baby, i know its dark, but cant you see
i'm exactly where i want to be
Track Name: Circus
im gonna rant and im gonna ignore
im gonna scream until i get sore
im gonna run and im gonna hide
im gonna return when it gets too cold outside
im gonna laugh and im gonna cry
im gonna live for tomorrow and im gonna lie
im gonna remember and im gonna forget
im gonna care and not have my love well spent

maybe its this time of need, how we rely so much on each other
ghosts and goblins and scooby snacks
replace a very desolate mother
growing up takes a big man or a woman
to rise up from defeat
but to call out disorderly, you'll see that the ground is quite far from your feet

alas, theres a message to be read by one and all
step right up, come and see the pedestal thats far too tall
maybe the trapeze and the elephants are not your cup of tea
but youll pay the money to come see this circus and youll bring a fake smile, just for me

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